Throwback Thursday

Here are some toys, clothes, and more I used to play with when I was younger!

First off, every day I would play with barbies and I would always play dress-up with my sisters.

I would always watch PDS kids on tv whenever I was home sick from school. I would love this show on PDS kids called the Dinosaur Train.

I loved my American Girl Dolls. I had all the outfits and all the little trinkets for them. I even had one that looked exactly like me!

My favorite thing that I did in my free time when I was younger was to do gymnastics! I was all self taught and could even do a backflip on the ground!

10 perfect gifts for 14 year olds

  1. urban outfitters clothes –
  2. zara clothes –
  3. jordans –
  4. rings –
  5. bracelets –
  6. bath & body works –
  7. room decor –
  8. make-up –
  9. nike socks –
  10. puffer jacket –

these are the perfect gifts, if I received any of these I would be so happy. I think anyone around my age (14 years old) would be super happy to have these as a gift. I love Urban Outfitters and all the clothes they sell. I also love getting new shoes and feeling stylish with the cool kicks. I also love dressing up with jewelry and wearing tons of bracelets. I feel like the jewelry you were tells a story about every you go.

Free write!

I want to be a photographer or a reporter when I grow up. I would love the travel the world when I am older, but I will need a job. I have been thinking about what job I could have when i’m traveling the world. I came up with the perfect solution, being a photographer or a reporter. I was thinking I could be a reporter for National Geographic. I could travel anywhere they wanted me to, then I could write about everything I see or do. I could also be a photographer. I would either start my own business or I would see if any bigger company would hire me. I would love to travel around and take pictures of the beautiful spots along the way. That is my plan for what I want to do when i’m older and hopefully I can accomplish one of those dreams.

Results to the poll!

These are the results of my poll. I was surprised that so many people liked converse so much more than any other brand. 9 people took this poll all together, that means more than half of those people liked converse the most. In my opinion I would have voted for converse.

How the pandemic affected me!

When the pandemic started, we just got two weeks off school in sixth grade thinking it was nothing. Those two weeks soon turned out to be the rest of the year. I decided to do at home learning for the whole year of seventh grade, with my friends. When I was at home learning, it was hard to keep up with school and get all the hands on experience those in class did. When I came back to school for eighth grade, it was hard to get back into going to school. I think it was a way better choice to go back to school, since it is a lot harder to do online. I feel like the pandemic brought me closer to my family and friends and helped me realize how serious the pandemic really was.

I got covid earlier this year, so did my mom, my dad, and my sisters. That affected all of us but we are back on the right track now! I have learned a lot about myself over these past few years that I would’ve never known. I am thankful that I got to experience online school, but I am more ready than ever for high school and going to school in person.

20 by 20!

This is a list of 20 things I want to accomplish before I turn 20

    1. go to Thailand
    2. go scuba-diving
    3. buy a car –
    4. go in a hot air balloon
    5. go backpacking
    6. drive a race car
    7. buy a dog –
    8. go to a party
    9. get into a good college
    10. graduate high school
    11. be on the track team for Corner Canyon
    12. learn how to do tricks on a snow board
    13. learn how to surf –
    14. have a bonfire on the beach
    15. do a 360 wake-surfing
    16. travel around the world
    17. get a pet hamster –
    18. go on a road-trip with friends
    19. zip-line in Hawaii –
    20. become good a gymnastics again

Favorite vacation to Cancun

One of my favorite vacations I have ever gone on was going to Cancun, Mexico. It was warm, humid, and super pretty. When we first got there we went to the hotel and went to the beach. Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do when I go on vacation. We ate at super cool restaurants, one of the restaurants even has swings to sit on while you ate! Everyday when we got up, we would go straight to the beach and spend the day there. One some of the last days we went on some hikes. We went on a hike to famous ancient Aztec temple and hiked to the very top. It was in the middle of the jungle and you could see the whole jungle from the top of the temple. It was a super fun trip overall and I would totally go again.



Review of Urban Outfitters clothing

I am doing a review on the brand Urban Outfitters. You might have heard of this brand, it’s pretty popular right now. They only have two stores in the whole state of Utah! They are located at Fashion Place Mall and Las Vegas. They have a lot of good material things and they are in on all the trends. I have a lot of clothing such as pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and even room decor. The only down side of their clothing is that it is pretty expensive but it is totally worth it in my opinion. I totally recommend trying out Urban Outfitters clothing.